Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How 12 weeks can make a difference...

I'm not one for belly pictures but wonder how I look. I remembered that I took a picture early on and thought it would be neat to see how much Scarlet (not me) has grown.

17 Weeks                       29 Weeks  

I thought that it would be 10 weeks but with "prego brain" it was actually 12 weeks because I couldn't remember when I took the first picture. It is amazing how much SHE has grown.

I STILL have 11 (or more) weeks to go before Scarlet arrival. Many have asked me, "when are you do?". I tell them, "middle of April". Their answer is usually, "are you going to make it", "it looks like your due now" or "your going to need a wagon to carry your belly around." After that response I tend to think, "how LARGE am I". Well now I know.

I do have a few comments that are nice. Some tell me, "You look great", "Pregnancy suits you well" or "Your still a doll".

Lets just say, not all pregnant women will grow the same and I only have a little over 12 inches from my ribs to my hip bone. So knowing this, the only way to grow is OUT. Soon I will have no lap and won't be able to cross my legs.

Since I tend to get very "round" during pregnancy, I try not to say anything that would hurt anyones feelings. Yes, we are carrying a child but we do want to feel pretty, even if it is under a tent.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brave Lady

Today "The Girls" ventured out for a day of shopping. The party included Nana (my mom), Shelley (my sister), Kendall (my neice), Ashton, Kylie and myself. Well the trip was more for me to excape from the house and just have fun. While Nana was shopping and Shelley was helping her pick "not so granny looking clothes" I was watching Kendall and the girls. While feeding Kendall a bottle the girls entertained themselves with Nana and my phones. To make a long story end soon.

A lady with her two children walked by and she said to me "You are a brave lady".

I told her that Kendall was my neice.

She then said, "but your pregnant and the other two girls are yours".

I said, "yes. I'm not brave, just enjoying a day with my family."

She then said, "having more than two children is being brave."

 Well I guess I'll take this honor and call myself a "Brave Lady". Also for all my friends who are "Brave Ladies".

Till the next moment,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Drum Roll Please.....

We have a NAME!!!

After many long talks and searching name databases we have a name. There were a few requirements for Baby # 3's name. It was to start with the letter L-Z (keeping them alphabetized), go with girls names and it can't be a family name (wouldn't be fair to either side).  All three girls can't have a family name because we wanted them to be their own and we wouldn't want to pick one side of the family over the other.

There were many names we thought of and the girls even had input. To name a few...


When Patrick and I discussed the name we want we could never come to any conclusion. So the girls chimed in and said a name. Indeed we decided it would be ok for the girls to name their sister. Ashton picked the first name (seeing as she is the 1st child) and Kylie chose the middle name (seeing as she names all her babies the same name).

Without further blah blahing Baby Girl #3 will be named...

SCARLET JUNE   (Yes with 1 "T")

So there we have it Week 27 and she is finally named. So little Scarlett will arrive around April 12 (hopefully) and she will be welcomed by two wonderful sisters.

Till next time,

Monday, January 3, 2011

What's new?


Yes it has been along time. There have been many reasons as to why I haven't blogged. To name a few...1. no internet at home, 2. busy, 3. not a priority and 4. no internet at home.

Let me explain #1&4 and why I'm blogging today. Well I have a "fairly" good friend that knows more about technology than me (trust me it doesn't take much). Well he "rigged" us up an internet server and now we can get the internet at home. NO we are not stealing it from the neighbors and YES we are paying for it. So now I might blog a little more often.

Lets catch up on what has been happening since summer. Ashton is in 4th grade and is doing well. She still has straight A's and is singing in a select Choir at school. We have a talented young lady but she loves to sing a church more than anything. I'll try to load a video (once I figure that out) of her singing with the schools choir. Kylie started "school" aka daycare full-time again. We are so blessed to have a center that will save our spot but let us go part-time in the summer (lets me have a lot more playing time with her and we don't go broke). She is their little momma and loves to take care of all of her little babies. She has some "best" friends (boy's) but we tell her to save her kiss' for daddy only. This is tough of a 2 year old. I started my 4th year teaching and this has been the best year so far. The only thing is I will miss the last 6 weeks of school, yep you guessed it, because we are expecting baby girl #3 (still doesn't have a name but Patrick calls her Lasten). She is due mid-April and we can't wait. Patrick is dealing with the fact that there will be 4 women in his house someday but will have the boys he will be blessed with. He is hunting as much as possible and working on his time off from that.

Other than that we are just trying to live life to the fullest. I'll try my best to post more often and get new pictures loaded.

Till then hugs,

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

And the winner is...

ROBIN!!! I will have to find some way to get you the gift card.

For everyone else thanks for reading my blog and I appoligize for not posting that much but we are having too much fun.

More give-a-ways later.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Long time no blog, plus some good old fashion contest

Promise we are still around. Me and the girls have been super busy. Some of the things we have been doing is swimming, road trips, swimming, picking the garden and did I mention swimming. When I go back to work (still can't say the "S" word yet, not till August) I plan on having an awesome tan and some great stories to share. When I get around a computer I will post some pictures. Until then y'all be safe and enjoy what's left of summer break.

I have no clue who follows this blog so I want to have a contest. Leave a comment to this post and I will draw to see who wins a SONIC gift card (it's my favorite drink stop)!!!

Hurry and leave a post you only have until this Friday!!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hot Summer Days

Well Summer has started with a heat wave. Just about every day we will be in some sort of water. The fact that it is the first of June and we are already close to 100 degrees. Yikes it's going to be a hot one.
Here are a few pictures of what we have been doing lately.
Pawpaw's play toy. Ashton has already asked if it was her birthday present. Um NO.
 Here is what Ashton will be doing on days where we can't go outside.
Loving sisters playing in the yard. Look close cause this is how Ashton tortures her sister. A little later on that night Kylie was told to go in for a bath. I turned around to find her like this...
I finally got her inside for a bath to which Ashton told me that Daddy gave her a bath in the swimming pool last week. UMMM... Look what he started.  
Cause the next day I walked to my front door to see what Kylie was yelling about and found her naked as a jay bird swimming. Umm good thing our house has trees surrounding us.

So start praying now that when we use our summer passes to Wild River Country my child doesn't get us kicked out for indecency.